03 January 2009

Freshman Roommates Bond Over Shared Pet Ownership

It started out as most roommate relationships do: awkward. But it wasn't long until Lewis resident Tina McMullin asked her roommate, Megan Lampley, the question that broke the ice.

"'So do you have any pets?' is all it took," said Ms. McMullin, "from then on, I knew we would be inseperable."

Tina and Megan spent the next five hours relating stories about current pets, past pets, relative's pets, neighbor's pets, and pets of friends.

"Oh my God, I love pets," said Ms. Lampley. "I told Tina this one story about how my dog Sparky, he was this lab I had when I was like 6. Anyway, we took him to the lake. While my family went swimming, he took all our clothes and hid them in the woods. It was so bad."

Stories like this one were traded late into the night until a firm roommate relationship was guaranteed.

Said Ms. Lampley, "Oh my God, I love animals, and I love my pets. I just don't know what I would do without them. Oh my God. I'm just, like, so glad my roommate feels the same way. Oh my God."

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Aldrich said...

You're failing at your guarantee here.