18 November 2008

Op-Ed: It's So Freaking Cold Outside by James McHugh

Dude, it's fucking freezing outside. Have you even been outside lately? Colder than a witch's titty in a brass brassiere. Damn.

They expect us to go to class in this shit. Woke up this morning and checked weather.com. It was 25 freaking degrees. I have to walk all the way to Flanner. Are you kidding me? I'll die, man. I have to walk across the wind tunnel that is South Quad, it's not even right.

And this snow, man. What the hell is lake effect snow? We're not even that near the lakes. Hell, Chicago is ON the lake and doesn't get as much snow. I call bullshit on the lake effect crap.

The worst part, the absolute worst part is that when the cold comes, I'll never see an attractive female for months, cause here comes the sweatpants and Uggs. Seriously, ladies, it's cold for everyone, do you see us guys trying to pull off the worst fashion combination since Flock of Seagulls haircuts and members only jackets? Didn't think so.

Oh well, only six more months of Winter. I hate this place.

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