09 September 2008

This Article Contains Words, The Observer Reports

In a show of exhaustive research and tireless reporting, James Heinz of Notre Dame's independent newspaper The Observer is reporting that this article does in fact contain words.

"It was startling to me," Heinz said in an exclusive interview with The Domer after the article's publication, "but it is plain as day and in front of our very eyes. I wondered how it took so long for us to finally see it."

When asked how long Heinz had been researching for his extensive report, Heinz simply said that this was a career breaker. "I had used so many resources and so much time on this that if it didn't work out, who knows what would have happened. I'd be out of a job that's for sure."

Fortunately, that was not to be for our intrepid reporter. Through a proud smile, Heinz was finally able to say, "Front page of The Observer. Not bad, not bad at all."


Anonymous said...

are there going to be more of these? i was enjoying them

Mychal said...

Yeah, we're going to posting more soon.

Ben said...

I want my money back.