12 May 2009

'Abortion Plane' Completes Bombing Runs on Campus

The colloquially named "Abortion Plane" has just completed a series of bombing runs on the campus of Notre Dame in which it dropped hundreds of fetuses on the grounds below.

The plane, hired by radical anti-abortionist Randall Terry, had been circling campus for weeks trailing a banner picturing a fetus aborted at 10 weeks. From the ground, however, many said the banner resembled a picture of a delicious bowl of spaghetti.

"He was angered by all the mocking of his masterwork," said Ignacio Gimpi, a spokesman of Mr. Terry, "he wanted to do something they would never mistake for a bowl of spaghetti."

When asked how Mr. Terry was able to procure all of those fetuses, the spokesman had no comment.

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