13 May 2009

Students Returning Home Realize No One Cares About Notre Dame's Commencement

After living in the maelstrom of controversy surrounding Notre Dame's commencement, students returning home expected to be able to proudly fend off constant questions and hold their own in arguments both for and against President Obama's invitation to speak.

Yet, upon returning home, every Notre Dame student was struck with a harsh realization: no one in the real world cared.

"I had all my talking points lined up, prepared for anyone to ask me about what I thought," said Sandra Carrigan, a sophomore in Breen-Phillips. "But no one ever asked. It seemed like they didn't even know about it."

And they didn't. An informal poll conducted by The Domer has established that only 1 out of 20 non-Notre Dame students knew about Obama speaking at the university's commencement.

"Even after I brought it up, they didn't seem to care," said Ms. Carrigan. "But I argued with them about it anyway. I didn't want all my hard work to go to waste."


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