02 September 2008

Line Rage Manifests as Congestion in Dining Halls Increase

Line rage has become an increasing threat upon visits to either of the two dining halls as congestion has gone up the first two weeks of classes. Just yesterday, as many as 7 incidents were unofficially reported to The Domer.

"I saw some guy just bulldoze through the line just to get some chicken wings," said Angelina Duffy of Lewis Hall. "Of course no one stood up to him, this is Notre Dame."

"Yeah, I fucking cut line all the time. At Subway, at Reckers, at the dining hall," revealed a source who wished to stay anonymous, "no one does shit around here. Welcome to the real world, bitches."

Unless congestion in the dining halls is somehow improved, especially at peak hours, it seems the incidents will only increase in number and severity. "I just don't understand it," said Ms. Duffy, "I totally don't mind waiting 30 minutes for some flank steak."

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