19 August 2008

Bands Announced for The Show 2008

The Show committee for 2008 has announced the bands for this year's annual concert: washed up pop-punk band Good Charlotte and random hip-hop duo The Cool Kids. According to an email, The Show committee "strongly believes this is one of the best line-ups in the history of The Show". Hard to believe since Good Charlotte does not have a hit YouTube video.

Jeanine Chen, spokesperson for The Show committee, believes bringing Good Charlotte is a step forward from bringing a band like Third Eye Blind to Notre Dame, "Hey, at least they've had a hit in the last decade."

As for The Cool Kids, "Who? Oh yeah, well, I'm pretty sure we could slip in Thelonious Monk as a hip-hop act and no one would notice."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Show is so gay. I'm not going until they get Dave. What's the point of having a rapper if you can't get Kanye...so gay.

And only kids that wear those peruvian sweaters or balls-tight jeans go to shows at Legends...so gay.