09 August 2008

Rudy No Longer University’s Favorite Movie

Rudy, based on the classic true Notre Dame football story, has stood proudly atop students’ favorite movie lists for more than a decade, but no more, according to a recent poll. The film has ruled the annual survey since its release in 1993.

“Well, I just recently watched it again, and it’s really not that good,” said Shannon Schultz of Pangborn Hall, on why she dropped Rudy from the top of her list. “It’s just really clichéd and predictable. I mean, I know exactly what happens in it, and I’ve only seen it 43 times.” Other student sentiment appears to be the same.

“When stripped of the Notre Dame setting, and the incredible true story, and the magnificent soundtrack, and the memorable actors, and the subsequent cultural impact, it’s really just your average run-of-the-mill sports movie,” said Chad Neumeier, a Dillon Hall resident. “Also, I’m just really tired of crying every time he makes that stupid sack.”

Perennial runner-up Lethal Weapon 3, starring Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, has taken the top spot.

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