15 August 2008

Student Group Proposing Alternative to Burger King

For the first time, an organized effort is being formed to get Burger King off the Notre Dame campus. The student group, as yet unofficially named but calling themselves Patriots Against Burger King, have arranged a series of protests against the fast food giant.

"We feel Burger King promotes a monarchical agenda that is against the democratic ideals of this great nation of ours," says Peter Jenkins, chief organizer and leader of the group. "There are plenty of other suitable fast food chains that could find a place here at Notre Dame."

Amidst shouts of "Stopper the Whopper!" and "BK, no way!", Peter quieted the crowd to speak of a time when the world of fast food would not be bowing under the "authoritative power of the Burger Kings of the world."

Shortly after the protest, the group held a vote, in accordance to their democratic principles, for a viable replacement for Notre Dame's Burger King franchise.

"The winner was Dairy Queen, followed closely by Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles," revealed Peter.

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