09 August 2008

Notre Dame Sophomore Visits South Bend

For the first time in his nearly two years of attendance at Notre Dame, Mike Bowers, a sophomore from Alumni Hall, went into South Bend. “It’s actually not that bad.”

Mike said that his visit consisted of taking the Transpo into downtown, visiting a newsstand, window shopping, and finding food at a delicious, cheap restaurant. “People always complain about how Notre Dame is in a terrible location and how South Bend is terrible. There are actually things to do here. It’s a pretty shocking revelation.”

“I don’t believe it,” said John Stewart, Mike’s hallmate and friend. “This place is boring and there’s nothing to do. And the weather still sucks.” When asked if he would one day make a visit to South Bend to see for himself, John simply said, “ There’s as much chance of that as me going up to North Quad: none.”

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