12 August 2008

Junior Entertains Idea of Blogging

For the past week or so, third-year architecture major Raymond Cooper, known to his friends as Ray, has been seriously mulling over the idea of starting a personal blog.

“I guess I just feel like I need some kind of creative outlet, you know? I figure I’ll post links to YouTube videos and write little amusing anecdotes and stuff. Crazy stuff is always happening to me,” he said. His real motivation, though, is that he thinks his friends “will get a kick out of it.”

Ray noted that he already owns a domain name, which he purchased from GoDaddy back in December. “I wanted www.thecoopster.com, but it was already taken, so I went with thecoopster.net. Haven’t really done anything with it yet, but it only cost me like ten bones, so no biggie.”

The main hurdle Ray aims to overcome is his lack of experience with web design and coding. He has given some thought to using Tumblr ®, a popular blogging service, but says that he wants his website to stand out. “I want it look really Web 2.0,” he said. “Some cool gradients and reflections and stuff. Some word art. Maybe my own logo, who knows. The sky is the limit.”

Ray proposed a possible solution to his dilemma: “My buddy Anfernee’s roomie is an IT major, and I think he knows how to do that kind of stuff, so I might ask him to do it for me. I don’t really know him that well, though, so I might wind up just going the Tumblr route. We’ll see.”

At the time of this article’s publishing, thecoopster.net still displayed a server error.

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