11 August 2008

Students Return from Abroad, Immediately Complain

There just may be a reason you’ve been hearing more griping than usual around campus this time of year. It’s the beginning of Fall semester, and all those students who were abroad for the Summer and Spring are back, and immediately complaining.

“It’s not that everything is better in Europe,” Beth Jones of Farley Hall said, “but it just is. You just haven’t had Starbucks until you have it in London.”

Bill Chen of Knott Hall agrees. “Australia is like an entirely different country. It’s like it’s not even in the same hemisphere. You have no idea, you just had to be there.”

Bill’s roommate, Steve Dalton, who attended a program in Italy, offered, “I was able to make it up to Paris, and they really did have the Royale with Cheese. It was the exactly the same as the Quarter Pounder, but the name makes it so much better. I can never eat at an American McDonald’s again. Oh yeah, and the weather here sucks.”

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